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ETI Team Building Date:2020-09-04

ETI SSL is a subsidiary brand of NVC International. 

On 15th August , 2020, ETI Solid State Lighting( Zhuhai)  Limited, participated in a team building activity The team building activity was held at Zhongshan and Zhuhai, which was reserved for the special event.

The team building activity was organized for the ETI R&D Team, to interact and to get to know each other better. Throughout the day, the R&D team participated in various relay-type team building activities prepared especially for them.

The program was “climbing mountain exercise” in  Luo Shan  Mei and experiencing the village life.

The teams were divided into 8 groups and included games designed to have the R&D team interact and work together in accomplishing different goals.

Climbing mountain exercise in Luo San Mei

Members of a group must find the treasure hunt, taking a group photo on the mountain and finding the heritage of LUO Shan Mei, and experiencing the village life

Experience the village life in Zhuhai

To truly understand how life is in the villages, the members of the group must complete all the village work that they had tasked. They have to harvest the fruits and vegetables, fishing, feeding the chickens, duck and goose, picking up the eggs, finding treasure hunt

ETI SSL had prepared some games for R&D team so as to make it more fun such as cooking competition, tug and war and many more.

Groups collect and record their points as they accomplish the different activities. The group with the most number of points at the end, wins.

The team building activities were followed by a lunch, cooked and prepared by some of our R&D colleagues.

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Before the program was ended, the winners of the team building activities were announced and prizes were given out during the BBQ session.

The first, second and third place in cooking competition

Tired, but happy, the R&D team went home at the end of the team building activity with new memories they will surely treasure.