NFS 2835-3/4 NFS 5050-1

Slim & flexible LED strip lights


• Safe  and  reliable  12V/24V  low  voltages  design,  no  risk  of electric shock

• Double-sided  film-coated  copper  substrate,  good  stability with 24V in 5 meters voltage

drop is less than 1.5V

• The  IP20  version:  bare board + adhesive design, which is convenient to install and

flexible in shape

• The  IP65  version:  environmentally friendly silicone casing, good water resistance,  

good flexibility, good light transmission, and good yellowing resistance


•  Choice of SMD 2835 or 5050 LEDs:

 2835 SMD LEDs: 5W 60 LEDs/meter, 12W 120 LEDs/meter

 5050 SMD LEDs: 12W 60 LEDs/m (Three-cores SMD)

•  Five meters per roll (driver is not included)


• IP rating: Choice of IP20 or IP65

• Four colour temperatures: 2700/3000/4000/6500K

• 60P: Can be cut every 50mm

• 120P: Can be cut every 25mm

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