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Project: Illumination of PAF Hospital

Location: Islamabad PAKISTAN

Client: AIR University / PAF

Architect: Nasir Design

Contractor: Tahir Builders pvt. Ltd.

PAF (Pakistan Air Force) HOSPITAL ISLAMABAD is one of the biggest hospitals in Pakistan. This new project was started in May 2017 and finished in April 2018 by our distributor in Pakistan - ST Engineering Solutions. NVC supplied both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures in this project including LED spotlights, panels, downlights, battens, fresh lights, and bollard lights.

For this project, because of the wide range of applications we used many different lighting fixtures.


Indoor Public Area

In the indoor public areas, we chose LED panels and battens for two reasons. We wanted the office and public area lighting to be convenient to install and maintain. Also, a high level of illumination was requested to create a sense of spaciousness and ease the nervousness of patients.

On the first floor, there is a buffet area which the patients can use after their physical examination so we chose the LED fresh lights which have an enhanced colour spectrum to show different types of fresh food at their best.

about ST Engineering Solutions

ST Engineering Solutions’ head office is in Islamabad with branches in Lahore and Karachi. Their prime objective is to provide supply chain electrical solutions, completing the hardest of tasks through the dedication and commitment of their staff.

The directors of ST Engineering Solutions have 20+ years of experience in project lighting and are supported by a dedicated team of engineers, designers and sales people, to provide high quality LED lighting solutions for their customers.

ST Engineering Solutions’ lighting projects have included sport stadiums, roads, tunnels, landscape lighting, offices, educational buildings, hospitals and industrial parks.

To achieve a lighting solution where aesthetics, optical performance and energy consumption are all in perfect balance is at the core of what they do

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