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Facts and figures:


- Project type: Street lighting

- Address: Yuen Long, Hong Kong

- Date: 11/2017 – 03/2019

- Client: Hong Kong Government

- Specification:

  • · NBF-35-U-C3-30B-SG-B7CDLP LED路灯HK022
  • · NBF-45-U-C3-30D-SG-B7CDLP LED路灯HK022
  • · NBF-70-U-C3-30FS-GA-B7CDLP LED路灯HK022
  • · NBF-88-U-C3-30FS-GA-B7CDLP LED路灯HK022
  • · NBF-125-U-C3-30CS-GA-B7CDLP LED路灯HK022

Key objectives:

- Implement a cost-efficient alternative to traditional bulb street lighting

- Implement a system that is environmentally friendly

- Implement a system that is location appropriate


Hong Kong, a city of the future, boasts one of the largest economies in Asia. The city although small is constantly expanding and reshaping many sectors, particularly in innovation and finance; with the highest concentration of banking institutions in the world and being among the most attractive cities. It is understandable for this reason that the Government must maintain the innovative drive and implement the highest specification of technology consistently to attract investment.

In a bustling island metropolis of a million lights, one area stands brighter than the rest with a new generation of Belfry LED lighting from NVC, starting implementation in the Yuen Long region.


The Yuen Long region in Hong Kong, previously a traditional market town, is now home to many modern shopping malls and various types of restaurants. The district has a population of 578,529 (2011) and is home to the youngest demographic of the city, and now population reaches over 625,000 (8.6% population of Hong Kong). Major infrastructure overhauls and the introduction of the West Rail project have transformed Yuen Long into a desirable and dynamic district. A site of culture and heritage, but also of natural beauty; Yuen Long is a tourist spot to discover wetlands and wildlife. It is therefore in the district’s interest to promote the use of energy saving technology in order to preserve the natural landscape. The government funded project will also save unnecessary costs of replacement and maintenance – the Belfry LEDs can last for 50,000 hours.


The area was a high priority for replacement lighting as it has been described as being one of the city’s ‘black spots in the past. The area sits close to the border into China, on the periphery of the city, and has the highest rate of serious crime including drugs before. In the city planning, new advanced lighting provided by NVC helps to minimize crime rate and has allowed inhabitants and tourists to feel more comfortable walking the streets.


Finally, the use of the Belfry lighting was location appropriate for Hong Kong. Able to withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C to 45°C and humidity up to 95%, perfect for the city’s notoriously unpredictable climate. The lack of ultraviolet light produced by LEDs has helped to deter insects, particularly mosquitos and flies which are rife in Hong Kong, from swarming the area. In the coming 3 years, around 19,000 traditional street lamp will be replaced by LED in Hong Kong and NVC will offer the best quality and reliable Belfy in the city.



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