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MYKO Hotel Ballroom




MYKO Hotel Ballroom


Project type: Hotel Ballroom

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The MYKO hotel & Convention Center allows customers to explore the stunning natural and cultural beauty of South Sulawesi. The hotel is just a short drive away from the Fort Rotterdam (a 17th-century Indonesian houses). MYKO hotel mission is to be the first choice for guests, colleagues, shareholders, business partners and create hotel operations with the most advanced, energy saving and sustainable solutions. This initiative helps the chain to fulfill the growing expectations of its guests. MYKO hotel was looking for a lighting solution system that can drive down costs and operate in a sustainable way without compromising on the ambience. NVC lighting was tasked with renovating the lights in the ballroom.



The Right Lighting


NVC LED lighting helped MYKO ballroom to deliver a cost-effective and sustainable solution that had a positive impact on the guest's experience. With the combination of LED spotlights and LED lamps, it created a bright and enjoyable atmosphere and could be dimmed to make the ambience more relaxing.


The LED bulb range delivers a dimmable glow effect for a welcoming, warm atmosphere, making it ideal for general lighting applications in the hospitality industry. Its unique design radiates warm light in all directions, making it a true alternative to incandescent lamps. They are particularly suitable for public areas such as lobbies and corridors where the light is always on.The most significant advantage to clients themselves is the longevity of the bulbs, and therefore the cost savings in terms of replacement and maintenance. LED light bulbs can last up to 40 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs hence the hotel can leave them on all day without disruption.



The upgraded lighting creates a welcoming ambience that enhances the guest experience. As a result of the hotel lighting upgrade, the renovations have improved the guest experience, and are helping to boost its reputation.



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