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NVC International Project in Georgia




NVC International Project in Georgia


Project Type: Showroom

Location: Tbilisi‎, Georgia


Lighting is very important for Mercedes Benz Showroom as showing their cars off in the best light is paramount in the automotive industry. Good lighting enhances the sleek appearance of the car body, trim, and wheels – attracting customers into the showroom, inviting them to learn more, take a test drive and more importantly, making that ultimate purchase. Beautiful lighting and excellent color rendering give their customers the confidence to imagine themselves behind the wheel of their new vehicle.


In accordance with Mercedes Benz's showroom design specifications, lighting throughout the building must comply with the various requirement.


NVC International had the capacity and the sophiscation to support Mercedes Benz Showroom lighting needs. NVC LED lighting helped Mercedes Benz's to deliver a cost-effective and sustainable solution that improved customer’s experience. NVC LED Strip light and Linear light were the perfect lighting choice for illuminating the showroom as the luminaires shine light onto all of the car curves, reducing the ‘spot light’ effect that can be seen on car reflections. It also helped to attract customers, enhance the displays in the showroom and reducing operating costs.



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